HELLMA Gastronomie-Service

HELLMA is the expert for all products in portions. Partner of wholesalers, importers, retailers, industry, gastronomy and caterers. Their competence lies in the completeness of the product range of portion packs, professional logistics, as well as their leading role in being a trendsetter in regards to marketing orientated product designs.


In 1923 Karl Hellmann & Co. Food Wholesale was founded in Stuttgart. Hellmann & Co was occupied with the production of handmade sugar cubes. In 1935 production capacity was expanded with a sugar factory. After World War II sugar cubes were offered for the first time to companies, hotels and the gastronomy as an advertising medium. Günter Hellmann, the son of Karl Hellmann, founds in 1971 HELLMA in Hemmingen.

Product range

• Portion packed sugar with and without customized print (e.g. sticks, cubes, sachets, lucky sugar and more)
• Portion packs of A-brands (e.g. Nutella, Natreen, Wasa, Brandt, Granini, Raffaello, Giotto, Tic Tac Silvers)
• Portioned products in individualized formats (e.g. logo chocolate)
• Non-Food portion products - with and without customized print (e.g. soap, shower gel, refreshment towels)

Today HELLMA Germany is No. 1 for portion packed sugar on the German Market. They sell more than 1,2 billion portions of sugar per year and are the distribution partner of many known A-brand manufacturers.