SAES The Portion Company

SAES, based in Barcelona, Spain was founded at the beginning of the 80's, being the first in introducing a partitioned bag with sugar and teaspoon to the market . Now they are offering a product catalogue with an extended range of sugar packagings.

Recently, the company Sucres del Ter has been bought and succesfully integrated in SAES. This means: rebuilding of the factory, more clients and double capacity for printing and packing of different sugar portions. SAES is well known for packing ´sugar with spoon´. In the next coming months SAES will start integrating the current business of PortionPack Belgium (biscuits and chocolats) into their operation.

Apart from this, SAES is working on a portion pack portfolio for the Spanish market. The target is to become a complete and leading supplier for portion packs in the next coming years for different client segments.

For PortionPack Group, SAES will be a unique platform for developing new business in the southern part of Europe. Furthermore SAES has an interesting product range for the other members of the Group.