Van Oordt The Portion Company

Van Oordt is a full service supplier of portion packs in Benelux. Van Oordt is specialised in the production and distribution of food portion packs. With two large production sites in Oud Beijerland and Landgraaf, Van Oordt can manage the whole production process, from the design of the artwork, to printing, packing and distributing the portion packs.The companies drive is always finding new solutions in terms of content and packaging.


The company is founded in 1734 by Hendrik van Oordt and has grown into one of the largest producers of portion packs on the continent. The company refined cane sugar imported by the Dutch East India Company. The first application for a sugar refinery in Rotterdam dates from 1734. In 1927 the company began with the automated packing of sugar in sachets. Portion packs of sugar are born; a first in the Netherlands.  Nowadays Van Oordt has about 200 employees and sells about seven billion portion packs per year to a wide range of customers. From restaurants, caterers, hospitals and coffee roasters to airlines and cruise ships.


Within Foodservice Van Oordt is a leading player for sugar and creamer sticks, with generic or personalised print. The company has also built up a strong position within bread spreads, condiments and fruit purees.  Van Oordt is also the trusted partner for marketing and sales of various renowed A-brands.

Contact packing
Van Oordt is an expert partner in the development of portion pack solutions. Van Oordt disposes of a in-house graphic studio and a in-house printing office and of course various own production lines for sticks, sachets and cups.

For serveral types of portion packs, amongst others for sugar and creamer, Van Oordt has developed retail solutions.