Our Services

We offer solutions for every client including: contracted packing, private label products, generic and our own branded products. Thanks to our knowledge and vast distribution network we are also the partner for sales and marketing within Foodservice for many trusted A-brands.

PortionPack Group is a full service supplier of portion packs, providing our services in all phases of the production process from sourcing the raw materials to design, printing, packing and transporting the finished product.

Bespoke products

Marketing your name and message can be a costly business, so why not utilise a product that you are using anyway? Our in-house printing facilities and designers make sure the supply lines are short and service is fast, making us a strong partner for bespoke products.Our Art Studio can help create inspirational concepts to tempt and attract. A brilliant way of getting across the message your business wants to portray. Why not make it work for you? Whatever your requirement in small packages, our portions will make a big impact!

Contract packing

We also provide a flexible contract packing service which allows you to specify and/or supply your own ingredient. We have a raft of different machinery offering solutions for tablets, granulates, powders, liquids (like sauces) and pastes.

We would be pleased for you to contact us without obligation and in total confidentiality to discuss your individual needs.