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CDLC (NL) and VAN OORDT (NL/BE): Participation in PLMA 2024 in Amsterdam

01.06.2024 | General

CDLC and Van Oordt participated in PLMA’s 2024 World of Private Label International Trade Show, held in Amsterdam May 28-29.

CDLC sales support Ginger de Boer: “ Last Tuesday and Wednesday, we were in the spotlight at the PLMA (private label) exhibition in the RAI in Amsterdam.

The Show brings retailers together with manufacturers to help them find new products, make new contacts, and discover new ideas that will help their private label programmes succeed and grow.

Aldi, Hello Fresh, Ahead, Kraft Heinz, Holland & Barrett, Private Brands, Fitness Hotline, Tesco and Hema were all spotted doing the rounds!

The vision of the “one stop shop around the coffee cup” came together in our simulated coffee bar. The coffee was flying over the counter and, with many existing, well known and new business contacts visiting us, it was a hive of activity!

We had a positive response to the delicious cappuccinos we made with the new barista syrups from Agrana and received favorable reactions to the mock up’s of Watson Says, including future possibilities of partnering with @cdlc on private label co-packing.

During our happy hour by invitation, we served mocktails and cocktails made with Agrana strawberry and mango flavored syrups which were a great success! The professional bartender was very impressed with the quality.

The 48 ml concentrated syrup squeeze bottle remains extremely popular with German clients. Other trends in evidence were sustainable packaging, healthy eating; less, alternative or no sugar; and products high in protein and nutritional value.  The combination of healthy and sustainable plus the convenience of the consumer (eating quickly and/or on the go, heating and preparation) is clearly a priority.

With “synergy” as one of our goals, we can conclude that this barista concept was a great success and, next year, we are committed to even more collaboration and interaction within the PortionPack Group. “